We offer comprehensive assistance in importing production lines, machines and devices



We use our database of manufacturers and search for new suppliers

Commercial agreements and contracts: we negotiate and sign commercial agreements with producers and suppliers on behalf of our clients

Transport: we organize transport (sea, rail, air) of machines from the manufacturer to the destination indicated by the client

Customs clearance: we complete documents for customs clearance, organize customs clearance in Poland or another European Union country

Technical support: In cooperation with the manufacturer, we provide our customers with comprehensive technical support at every stage, including pre-sales consultations, post-warranty service and machine operation training.

Leasing and subsidies: we help in obtaining EU subsidies and leasing financing for the purchase of machinery and equipment

Inspections: we carry out pre-shipment inspections according to customer guidelines, documented with photos and videos,

Certifications: we check compliance of machines with EU directives and documentation confirming compliance (CE certificates, declarations of conformity)

Operation and Maintenance Documentation: we prepare technical and operational documentation for each imported machine, we ensure that the correct marking is placed on the device (nameplates).

Trips: we organize business trips to producers, to fairs and exhibition events, inspection trips

We do not charge any upfront fees for preparing the offer and preliminary calculations, our remuneration is a trade commission determined before finalizing the import, we issue an invoice when the imported machine is delivered to the address indicated by the customer